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Shaping Our Future is privileged to be hosting Neil Jacobstein, a global authority in the emerging technology of Artificial Intelligence - it's power, progress, and implications.
Alastair Porter, Chair of Shaping our Future said "AI is already impacting our lives, and that impact will only increase. We are deeply appreciative that Neil has agreed to provide an informed perspective into the critical, world changing technology of AI,  as our community  proceed with the task of shaping our future."
The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Technical, Business, and Ethical Implications

When:  Wednesday 4th September, 6pm
Venue:  Wakatipu High School
RSVP:  Online here, email [email protected] or phone Anita on 021 222 1231

Neil Jacobstein  

Chair, AI and Robotics Track, Singularity University
Distinguished Visiting Scholar, MediaX Program Stanford University
Henry Crown Fellow, Aspen Institute NZ Board
Artificial Intelligence has demonstrated impressive technical achievements over the past few years, from winning GO matches against human champions to identifying cardiac risk from retina images.

Self driving cars empowered by machine learning algorithms will likely reduce automobile fatalities from human drivers from 1.3M per year to a small fraction of that number.

AI has been applied productively in virtually every major industry from agriculture to financial services to advanced manufacturing. In spite of the many positive applications, AI algorithms have been used to target voters and impact voter behaviour, violate people's privacy and modify buying behaviour, and automate thousands of jobs.

Neil will discuss why it is critical for New Zealand to understand the trajectory of AI, and its technical, business, and ethical implications.

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Free charge event, please RSVP to ensure we have enough seating. 

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