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In May 2015 over 100 Queenstown Lakes District residents attended the Shaping our Future Transport Forum in Queenstown and Wanaka.

The Upper Clutha faces its own unique transport needs and or volunteer community taskforce has prepared a report outlining a long term vision and 7 key recommendations for Land, Air and Water Transport.

The report returned to public forum in May 2017 with over 60 attendees from the Upper Clutha.  We are now working on actioning the recommendations on your behalf.  We've held workshops with QLDC and the Wanaka Community Board and will continue to work with the community and agencies to fulfill the vision for transport in the Upper Clutha. 

Upper Clutha Transport Documents & Reports

Upper Clutha Transport Final Report

Upper Clutha Transport Final Report

25 Sep 2017

Anita Golden

We have completed the Upper Clutha Transport Report following two public forums in 2015 and 2016.  Shaping our Future and members of the taskforce are now working on the recommendations with the relevant agencies.  If you would like to get in involved please get in touch! 

Massive thank you to all the taskforce members (volunteers!) for their time and effort over the past two years in developing the vision and recommendations on behalf of the community.   

Upper Clutha Transport Final Report 2017

Upper Clutha Transport Report Appendices 2017

Upper Clutha Transport Draft Report March 2017

Upper Clutha Transport Draft Report March 2017

19 Apr 2017

Anita Golden

Upper Clutha Transport Report Forum 2017

We invite you to join us to provide feedback on the Shaping our Future Upper Clutha Transport Draft Report.

The purpose of our second forum is to get community buy in/consensus on the proposed vision and recommendations. We encourage you to read the full report (Executive Summary and Recommendations included below) prior to attending the forum.

Please feel free to forward this invitation to any of your contacts.

Venue: Lake Wanaka Centre, 6.30pm - 9.30pm
Date: Thursday 4th May, 6.30pm - 9.30pm
RSVP: Anita Golden at [email protected] or phone 021 222 1231

If you are not able to attend but would like to provide feedback please fill in our short survey available here.

Executive Summary and Key Recommendations

The Upper Clutha Transport taskforce have worked through the information gathered at public forum, held discussions with local experts and considered the Queenstown Transport report. This report outlines the long term vision and recommendations towards achieving the vision.

The Upper Clutha is experiencing a period of growth in population, visitor numbers and development. By being proactive now to plan for our future we can ensure infrastructure needs keeps up with growth. Current projections for the Upper Clutha are:

  • Resident population numbers are expected to double from 10,340 in 2015 to 22,509 in 2048.
  • Visitor numbers are expected to double from an average per day of 6,399 in 2015 to 13,391 in 2048.
  • In recent years there has been an increase in new large scale development (eg Three Parks and Northlake).
  • The resident and visitor population are highly reliant on private vehicles for work and recreation.
  • The Upper Clutha is spread over a wide geographical area making the viability of public transport an issue into the future connecting within the area and also to surrounding areas eg Cromwell, Queenstown.

Vision 2050 and beyond

Overall Vision and Land Transport:

“The Queenstown Lakes District has a functional, innovative, integrated, multi-modal and sustainable transport system that supports a thriving, healthy community and enhances the visitor experience.

Implementing this vision, the Upper Clutha will be open to change and new technologies, giving priority to initiatives that enhance connectivity and the character of the area."

Air Transport sub vision:

“Wanaka airport is a destination for high yielding innovative businesses creating a sustainable aviation hub for the region”

Water Use – Recreational and Commercial sub vision:

“To ensure the best possible user/visitor lake/waterway experience whilst preserving the natural beauty, water quality and environmental integrity of our most valuable asset.”

Summary of Recommendations

The following is a summary of the key recommendations proposed as steps towards achieving the vision. Further detail and information on each of the recommendations is available within the full report.

  1. Support for a single Transport Entity (QLDC, ORC and NZTA) as proposed by the Queenstown Transport Report 2016.
  2. That the Transport Entity consider the recommendations in the Queenstown Transport Report relating to Strategic Integrated Planning, Research and Analysis, Public Transport and Parking, Cycling/ Walking (including other active transport modes), Community Culture and Funding be applied district-wide. The full recommendations are available in appendix 8.
  3. Proposed short – medium term recommendations for land transport in the Upper Clutha:
    Integrated Strategic Planning - main arterial routes, future transport needs, maintenance/upgrade planning for current network, Wanaka lakefront and CBD.
    Public Transport - Future provision for transport hubs
    Walking/Cycling “active transport modes”- Safe and attractive tracks, including commuter trails, with infrastructure that is fit for purpose connecting our communities residential, recreational, retail and business areas. .
    Community Culture – co-ordination promotion and information available to the residents and visitors to the Upper Clutha. Long term behavioural change.
    Parking – long term parking strategy for the CBD, lakefront, retail and business centres.
  4. Develop Wanaka Airport into a ‘centre for aviation excellence’ which contributes positively to the Upper Clutha economy.
  5. Shaping our Future facilitate the first meeting to establish a ‘Lake Management Group’ with representation from all lake and waterway users.
  6. That a portfolio for Transport Planning and Implementation within QLDC be assigned to an appropriate Wanaka representative.
  7. QLDC provides resource to continue a long term future thinking process for the Upper Clutha Community that identifies their values and characteristics overall and creates a long term vision for the area (eg Wanaka 2020). This transport report is integrated into the process. Futhermore a futures group aligns its action plan around Council’s polices, strategies and community consultation processes so it has input into decision making processes.

Read the Full Upper Clutha Transport Report

Upper Clutha Transport Report - Appendices

Transport Forum Raw Data

Transport Forum Raw Data

13 Oct 2016

Anita Golden

Over 120 people attended Shaping our Future Transport forum in Queenstown and Wanaka.  A volunteer taskforce is currently working through the raw data to form a long term vision and key recommendations for the future of transport in Wanaka.



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