the future of conservation in the upper clutha

Community Priorities: Preserve and enhance the environment, Engagement in Governance Connectivity, Community Development

The Upper Clutha Conservation taskforce was established following public forum in May 2014.  Over 60 individuals from more than 20 organisations or community groups attended the original forum.  The forum identified four key areas - Air, Water, Biodiversity and Environment.  The final report was completed in September 2015 following a 2nd public forum. 





Upper Clutha Final Taskforce Report

Upper Clutha Final Taskforce Report

24 Sep 2016

Louise Vicente

Your vision for Conservation in the Upper Clutha is:

"We, the Upper Clutha community, know, value and care for our area’s fresh waters, clean air, indigenous biodiversity and landscapes, and accept the shared responsibility to work together to ensure these are sustained and enhanced.

Our freshwaters and air are of unspoiled quality. The full natural range of indigenous biodiversity and ecosystems are present and flourishing.

The Upper Clutha is renowned for its landscapes expressing its unique and diverse natural character. The perpetuation of these natural resources is recognised as fundamental to our well-being and prosperity and as an integral part of our everyday lives." 

Included in the final report are 5 key recommendations to achieving the vision for conservation.


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