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Community Priorities:  Infrastructure/facilities, Connectivity, Tourism, Town Development, Engagement in governance

In May 2015 over 100 Queenstown Lakes District residents attended the Shaping our Future Transport Forum in Queenstown and Wanaka.  Forum attendees were vocal and united in identifying the key priorities for the industry - Strategic Planning, Public Transport, Community Culture, Funding and the Environment.  The Queenstown taskforce presented the report back to the public in November 2016. 

We have incorporated the feedback received from other 300 people and prepared the final Queenstown Transport Report.  Shaping our Future are now meeting with stakeholders to carry out the recommendations. 


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Queenstown Transport Documents and Reports

Transport - Stage 2 QLDC District Plan

Transport - Stage 2 QLDC District Plan

04 Apr 2018


In March Stage 2 of the District Plan was released for public consultation.  This included Chapter 29 on Transport.  It is encouraging to see the goals and objectives of the chapter mirror the views that were expressed by our community within the Transport Reports (2017).   Shaping our Future submitted on the District Plan including:

Relief sought:
a. Amend the general framework in the objectives, policies and rules to the following effect:
a. Promoting and requiring integrated strategic planning between current and future transport needs and land use planning, and having a strong, robust plan for the future. This was the second recommendation of the Transport Report and has largely gone unheeded.
b. Requiring provision of improved, safe and separated commuter tracks (active modes) e.g. upgrade of Frankton to Queenstown trail to commuter status.
c. Promoting and requiring an innovative approach to transport – having a transport system that is flexible to future technology options and integrated into the strategic plan.

Read the full submission

What's been happening with your Transport Report

What's been happening with your Transport Report

04 Apr 2018


Shaping our Future continue to work with the key stakeholders to make sure your views from the Queenstown Transport Report (2017) are heard, remembered and actioned.

We have held workshops with the QLDC councillors and senior management and the Queenstown Transport Governance Group. Action is slow but it is there!

It is encouraging to see the Queenstown Integrated Transport Strategy adopted in June 2017.  Included in the recommended programme in line with your views was

  • Develop an integrated land use and transport masterplan and
  • Creation of a single transport entity for Wakatipu Basin to support and integrated transport

Public Transport, active transport, park and ride and upgrades to key commuter roads is included. Read the full recommended programme (page 73)

Queenstown Transport Final Report 2016

Queenstown Transport Final Report 2016

19 Apr 2017


The Queenstown Transport Report is now finalised.  Over the coming weeks we will be meeting with the key stakeholders to present and start actioning the recommendations. 

Read the Final Report

Queenstown Transport Draft Forum Report

Queenstown Transport Draft Forum Report

11 Oct 2016


The Queenstown Transport Draft Report will be presented at community forum, we invite all members of our community to attend:

Date:  Monday 7th November at 5.30pm

Venue:  Queenstown Memorial Hall

RSVP:  Email Anita  or phone 021 222 1231.

This is your opportunity to have your say in the future of Lakes District.  The taskforce were guided by the information you supplied at our original forum.

At the centre of the key recommendations in the report is the establishment a new cross agency Transport governance group that will be tasked with putting robust district wide, long term planning and funding solutions in place. 

Pedestrianisation of CBD’s, a focus on affordable and accessible public transport, commuter cycling and walking trails all feature.

Protecting and developing key transport corridors and a focus on ‘multi-modal’ transport solutions are proposed to ensure our community stays a desirable place to live, work and visit in the future.

Adopting creative transport solutions – (monorail anyone?), embracing new technology and addressing residents desire to live and work within their community are included - all funded by visitor levies, congestion charging, central government, anyone but our little ratepayer base. 

Queenstown Transport Forum Report




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