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Since 2011 we have engaged with our community on a diverse range of topics that were identified as important to you.  Over 2000 community members have spent over 4000 volunteer hours at forums, on taskforces or as members of our Steering Group. 

Following our process of public forum, volunteer taskforce, strategy report, public forum and presentation of recommendations we have engaged with and discussed the areas of Events (2011 and 2016), Energy, Economic Futures (2012 and 2015), Innovation, Upper Clutha Conservation, Visitor and Tourism, Transport and worked with the Glenorchy and Arrowtown communities to create long term visioning. 

Have an idea for a forum?  Please get in touch with us, we are community driven and welcome feedback and ideas. 

For more information including final reports, minutes and updates please choose the forum you are interested in below.  Remember to join Shaping our Future if you want to keep up to date with latest developments!






Press Release:  Upper Clutha Freshwater

Press Release: Upper Clutha Freshwater

05 Sep 2019


Press Release from Shaping our Future Inc

Community driven freshwater outcomes to be discussed at forum - 9-09-2019

The second forum is an opportunity to provide feedback on the vision and recommendations.  Feedback is also sought on the community’s views on ‘user pays’ or water metering and priorities for research.  

Read the Full Press Release

Water Forum Update

26 Aug 2019


Update:  March 2019

E.coli outbreaks, lake snow, algae blooms, flooding, pollution, water restrictions and the quality of our drinking water  - 2018 was a summer of water concerns in our district.   This continues in 2019 with E.coli report twice in Queenstown Bay by January. 

Shaping our Future has two teams of dedicated volunteers working in Queenstown and the Upper Clutha understanding, expanding and drafting a community driven freshwater report, based on the information we gathered from over 200 of you at our freshwater forum in 2018.

Its a complex task, there are a large number of different elements impacting our our waterways.  What is clear and coming through is that our freshwater is important to our community and we need to understand what is happening, where, the impacts and the need for a co-ordinated, comprehensive plan with bold strategic leadership to ensure our water is available, safe and healthy for future generations. 

Now is the time to pull together as a community and direct the future of freshwater for our district.

Climate Challenge Forum 2019

06 Aug 2019



 Wakatipu High School, 6th May 2019, 6pm - 9pm


 Lake Wanaka Centre, 7th May 2019, 6pm - 9pm


RSVP:  Here

Email: [email protected] or phone 021 222 1231


Our understanding of the impacts of climate change within the Queenstown Lakes continues to grow - whether thinking of changes to winter snow; of more extreme and frequent flooding events on the one hand, or of longer dry spells or even droughts on the other; threats to water quality and catchments; vulnerability to slips and soil erosion; changes to food production; transport; construction; energy systems; and a myriad of potential ecosystem impacts.

(You can read more about the expected impact on our region here.) 


How should we respond to this increased understanding, and where do you think our priorities and options are in preparing for and safeguarding against these changes?
Our children, grandchildren and beyond will be impacted on by the decisions we make now.Camille Khouri is a local mum and writer read her blog post about parenting through climate change here.
Similarly, our understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change globally also continues to grow.  What should we do prepare for and respond to those global consequences; and how can we best contribute to counteracting the causes? 
We are a unique region with many unique communities - perhaps we have equally unique opportunities for impact and consequences to cope with?  Join us, help us, as we work through our best options for coping with the impacts climate change will have upon us, and our best options to have greatest impact upon it.
Draft Frankton Masterplan Update

Draft Frankton Masterplan Update

09 Jul 2019


Keen to hear more about the draft Masterplan for Te Kirikiri / Frankton?


The “Wakatipu Way to Go” group are teaming up with Shaping Our Future and Frankton Community Association to co-host an event from 6.00pm-7.00pm on Wednesday 17 July at the Queenstown Event Centre.


Come along to hear about progress on the plan so far from the project team and how the ideas proposed could change the way you live, work and play in Frankton by 2048.


If you are able to join us please register your interest through Shaping our Future here or on the Facebook event.


If you are unable to make the event, you’ll be able to provide feedback from 27 June-26 July 2019 at You’ll find all details along with a short survey asking what you think we’ve got it right or if there is anything missing.


Let us know your views on this aspirational plan to transform Te Kirikiri / Frankton. Help us create a legacy to leave for future generations that reflects the community’s needs and vision.


The Wakatipu Way to Go group is a formal collaborative partnership of Queenstown Lakes District Council, the New Zealand Transport Agency and Otago Regional Council. It recognises that all three agencies have an important role in driving change and that by working together and integrating projects the best possible outcomes can be reached.


Media Release:  Climate Challenge

Media Release: Climate Challenge

02 May 2019




1 May 2019




Shaping our Future Climate Change Challenge Forum

Shaping Our Future is inviting the Queenstown Lakes District community to come together to confront the challenges presented by Climate Change.  Two evening forums, one in Queenstown on Monday, 6th May and the other in Wanaka on Tuesday, 7th May, will challenge the community to share their concerns, priorities, and ideas.


“We know climate change will impact us,” said AJ Mason from Shaping Our Future, “and we know we have opportunities to impact it.  What we need to know from our community is how important they think climate change is, what options and opportunities we have, and how we should prioritise.”


Both forums will also host the Otago Museum’s Far from Frozen exhibit, a travelling showcase for locals to discover the impact of climate change on us and our planet, including the role of the deep south and Antarctica. It includes interactive displays, demonstrations and virtual reality experiences that are all designed to communicate the science behind climate change.


The forum is independently facilitated in ‘world café’ small group discussion.  Shaping our Future uses a process of community forums and online input, volunteer taskforces and strategy reports.  The process is inclusive and designed to give the people of the Queenstown Lakes a collective voice in shaping the future.


Event Details:


Queenstown, Monday 6th May, 6pm at Wakatipu High School

Wanaka, Tuesday 7th May, 6pm at Lake Wanaka Centre

RSVP:  [email protected]





For more information, please contact:

Shaping our Future Executive Anita Golden [email protected] +64 21 2221231

Shaping our Future Board Member AJ Mason +64 27 4325560


About Shaping Our Future Incorporated

A process designed to use collective community expertise to build consensus and create a great future for our district.  Shaping Our Future was instigated in December 2010 and was incorporated as a charitable society in January 2013.  In 2012 following a district wide visioning process, it established a draft vision incorporating a series of priorities.  Its forums and taskforces are directed to work towards thevision and connect with the priorities.  


The process of any given forum on any given subject begins with public forums and online discussions which progress to establishing volunteer taskforces to work through issues and provide recommendations.  Recommendations are finally presented to local and national agencies as required.  Since 2011 Shaping our Future has completed 11 forum topics.  To view the 2018 Shaping our Future Annual Report and previous forum or join us on Facebook


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The Queenstown Lakes District is a unique area facing unique challenges.  Many agencies and individuals are focused on the problems of today. Without knowing where we want to go, how can we move in the right direction? 

Shaping our Future was formed to put communities at the forefront of shaping tomorrows future today.  We invite you to support us in creating a better future for our children, grandchildren and beyond.  We look to the long term - where do we want to be in 30, 40, 50 years?  Our process is designed to put in place actions to achieving our vision.

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