Shaping our Future supports thinking ahead to 2050

10 August 2018

Press Release:  Shaping our Future Incorporated August 10 2018


Shaping our Future supports thinking ahead to 2050


Shaping our Future board member Michael Sly attended Monday's Mayoral workshop on the Queenstown Lakes 2050. 


The Shaping our Future Board supports QLDC’s desire to engage with the community to determine residents' hopes and aspirations for the district out to 2050.


In 2011 more than 1,000 people contributed to the creation of a Shaping our Future vision and goals for the district.


The resolution of issues currently before the community will have wide-reaching and long-lasting impacts involving a range of options and trade-offs. 


Shaping our Future’s Chair, Alastair Porter, said “With continued rapid growth across the district, the Shaping our Future Board encourages a community-led approach to address the questions being asked today. 


The Shaping our Future public forum approach is ideal for this type of engagement. It ensures that information is shared widely, a broad range of views are considered and consensus outcomes reached, to best inform decision making for the future.”


"Shaping our Future is an apolitical, independent non-profit organisation who have been running forum processes for the past 7 years gathering community views and recommendations.


Shaping our Future currently have taskforces working on Freshwater in Queenstown and Wanaka and have Lake Hayes and Shotover Country Community Visioning forums starting at the end of August."


"Shaping our Future have plans underway in 2018 to gather district wide views to update future goals, repeating the successful process in 2011 that led to the district wide vision and initial goals. Shaping our Future look… repeating the successful visioning exercise in 2011.  Shaping our Future look forward to providing QLDC with community-led recommendations to shape the future of our district” he said


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Shaping our Future Executive Anita Golden [email protected] +64 21 2221231



About Shaping Our Future Incorporated

A process designed to use collective community expertise to build consensus and create a great future for our district.  Shaping Our Future was instigated in December 2010 and was incorporated as a charitable society in January 2013.  In 2012 following a district wide visioning process, it established a draft vision incorporating a series of priorities.  Its forums and taskforces are directed to work towards the vision and connect with the priorities.  The process of community engagement on any given subject begins with public forums and online discussions which progress to establishing volunteer task forces to work through issues and provide recommendations.  Recommendations are peer reviewed by the community before being presented to local and national agencies as required.  Since 2011 Shaping our Future has completed 10 forum topics.  For more information, please visit or join us on Facebook


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The Queenstown Lakes District is a unique area facing unique challenges.  Many agencies and individuals are focused on the problems of today. Without knowing where we want to go, how can we move in the right direction? 

Shaping our Future was formed to put communities at the forefront of shaping tomorrows future today.  We invite you to support us in creating a better future for our children, grandchildren and beyond.  We look to the long term - where do we want to be in 30, 40, 50 years?  Our process is designed to put in place actions to achieving our vision.

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