Shaping our Future AGM 2016

20 October 2016

Shaping our Future held their AGM on 21 November 2015

Thank you to those who attended our AGM on the 21st November.  Christopher Luxon, CEO of Air New Zealand was a fascinating speaker and shared information on Air New Zealand's long term organisational goals and success factors.  He also addressed the pressures on infrastructure in New Zealand their plans to assist.  More information is available in the Minutes of the AGM.

We also said farewell to long serving Steering Group Members David Kennedy, Jim Boult, Ed Taylor and Trent Yeo,  They have all made a fantastic contribution to Shaping our Future and we  look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

We welcomed returning Steering Group members Mandy Bell, Kathy Dedo, Mark Edghill and Alastair Porter.  Three new members were elected - Reece Gibson, Guy Hughes and Dr Linda Wright.   They join incumbent members Esther Whitehead, Ralph Hanan and AJ Mason.

For more information see the following attached documents:

Shaping our Future AGM 2016 Minutes

Shaping our Future AGM 2016 Presentation from David Kennedy

'Starting a Movement' Ted Talk by Derek Sivers

Shaping our Future Inc Annual Report 2016








Notice of Shaping our Future Inc Annual General Meeting 2016

AGM Documents:

We invite our members, and members of the public, to attend our 2016 AGM on 21st November 2016

Guest Speaker:  Christopher Luxon, CEO, Air New Zealand

"Ensuring Sustainable Tourism"  


Venue:  Queenstown Memorial Hall

Date:  Monday 21st November 2016 at 5.30pm


phone Anita on 021 222 1231.

Nominations for Steering Group Members:

We have received nine nominations for seven vacancies on the Steering Group.  We will be voting for new Steering Group members at the AGM. 
Nominations are:
1.  Mandy Bell (restanding)
2.  Kathy Dedo (restanding)
3.  Mark Edghill (restanding)
3.  Andee Gainsford
5.  Reece Gibson
6.  John Glover
7.  Guy Hughes
8.  Alastair Porter (previously co-opted)
9.  Dr Linda Wright
For a short bio on each of the candidates please see here

Note:  Only full registered members of Shaping our Future Inc are eligible to vote at the AGM for Steering Group Members. Individual membership is free! Join Now


Shaping our Future relies on the efforts of members, forum attendees, Steering Group volunteers and taskforce volunteers, supported by a part time executive.

Membership is free for individuals with corporate membership packages available.  Corporate membership enables us to continue our work in making sure our community has a voice in shaping the future of our district. 

Please encourage your friends/associates/family members to join Shaping our Future Inc.  Shaping our Future Membership form or email

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The Queenstown Lakes District is a unique area facing unique challenges.  Many agencies and individuals are focused on the problems of today. Without knowing where we want to go, how can we move in the right direction? 

Shaping our Future was formed to put communities at the forefront of shaping tomorrows future today.  We invite you to support us in creating a better future for our children, grandchildren and beyond.  We look to the long term - where do we want to be in 30, 40, 50 years?  Our process is designed to put in place actions to achieving our vision.

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