Shaping our Future AGM 2017 - Information

26 September 2017

Shaping our Future annual general meeting 2017

Date:  Wednesday 6th December 2017

Venue:  Lake Wanaka Centre at 5.30pm

RSVP:  [email protected] or phone Anita on 021 222 1231

We are interested in hearing your views on the key issues impacting our district now and into the future.  In 2011 we identified a Vision and 11 priorities that you wanted to achieve in the Queenstown Lakes District.  We will include a roundtable discussion at the AGM on they key issues and priorities that you think are important today.

  1. Agenda
  2. Minutes of the Shaping our Future AGM 2016
  3. Financial Review Letter and Accounts for FY 16/17
  4. Annual Report 2017
  5. Nominations for Steering Group Members:

Mark Edghill, Mandy Bell, Ralph Hanan and Linda White are standing down from the Steering Group in 2017.  We thank them for their contribution over the past years and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Nominations for 6 available places on the Steering Group: AJ Mason (restanding), Esther Whitehead (restanding), Barry Bruce, Matthew Day, Michael Sly, Julie Perry.  Read about our nominees

     6. Rule Change Resolution
Explanatory Notes:

The following matters are addressed in the replacement Rules of the society.

a)     Clause 2.2 – The registered office is updated.

b)     Throughout the Rules ‘Steering Board’ is substituted for ‘Steering Group.  It is considered by the Steering Group that ‘Steering Board’ better reflects the high level nature of the matters considered by Steering Group Members and the change of name allows for past and current member profiles to better describe the nature of work undertaken.

c)     Clause 5.2 - The term of office of elected Steering Group Members has been clarified to provide for an initial term of 2 years and then on consecutive re-election of a Steering Group Member the term is for a further 2 years.  Any subsequent re-election of the Steering Group Member following the second 2 year term would be for 1 year term(s) and the member would be required to stand again at the next Annual General Meeting should the Member wish to continue.  

d)     Clause 5.2 – Provision has been made for a geographical minimum split of elected Steering Group Members so there are at least three members from either side of the Crown Range but subject to the availability of members within the two areas willing to stand for office.

e)     Clauses 17.3 and 17.4 – Alternative voting methods for the election of Steering Group Members have been provided for by way of postal or email voting.  Votes by way of either method must be received by the Secretary 24 hours prior to the notified date and time of the Annual General Meeting relevant to the election.

To view the full resolution with changes incorporated please click here.

To view the rules with tracked changes please click here.


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