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Shaping our Future is made up of committed individuals working together to find creative ways to build better lives, for now and for generations to come. We follow a simple loop process of public forum (and online feedback), volunteer taskforces, strategy reports and recommendations. Tradition models put organisations, local and national government in the driving seat.  Shaping our Future is a framework for collective, future focussed decision making.  A process harnessing and applying local expertise to local issues.  An independent organisation dedicated to delivering a shared vision of the future for the Queenstown Lakes District.


The Queenstown Lakes District has enjoyed a long period of significant employment, visitor, and population growth.  This growth is forecast to continue at a rapid pace, and the district will face increasing pressure to manage the associated infrastructure, environmental, and community demands.  Shaping Our Future aims to ensure community issues are heard and acted upon by local government and other organisational entities that can influence change.  It is about collaboratively creating a long term vision and roadmap for future generations.





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Shaping Our Future is a process for collective decision making that harnesses local talent and develops a long term vision for the future success of our district.  Our public forums topics are based on the priorities defined in our district wide visioning in 2011, or based on current 'big issues'.  Our goal is bring the community together to discuss our collective future. 

By establishing where we want to be we can then set our district on the path to achieving our vision.  Its about tackling tomorrows issues today. Traditionally local or national government have defined our future.  We aim to put the community in the driving seat for change.  

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Our approach is based on The Natural Step’s theory of a continuous spiral of visioning, establishing baselines, raising awareness, and taking action toward the vision.  Each step further raises awareness and further moves the baseline towards the vision.  As a learning society we are constantly refining, amending and adapting our process to meet the needs of our community.

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The Queenstown Lakes District is a unique area facing unique challenges.  Many agencies and individuals are focused on the problems of today. Without knowing where we want to go, how can we move in the right direction? 

Shaping our Future was formed to put communities at the forefront of shaping tomorrows future today.  We invite you to support us in creating a better future for our children, grandchildren and beyond.  We look to the long term - where do we want to be in 30, 40, 50 years?  Our process is designed to put in place actions to achieving our vision.

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